Helping companies thrive by increasing value.

ONgroup is a software and services company that is helping organizations Worldwide to integrate MultiValue technology with top tier DBMS products and technologies from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. ONgroup accomplishes its mission by means of software tools, outstanding MultiValue and SQL-backed DBMS professionals and relationships with industry leaders, including Microsoft and Oracle. ONgroup began providing such software and service as Blacksmith Corporation in 1980.

ONgroup offers five product lines: Netbuilder™, MVON™, MVsync™, MVrest™ and BLACKSMITH®.

Netbuilder is an application generator that emulates SB+.

MVON provides development tools that emulate the tools available with UniVerse, UniData, D3 and other MV environments.



We value our customers. We bring our decades of expertise in MultiValue software combined with SQL DBMS products to interested customers and fresh ventures.
We specialize in software development that blends seasoned techniques and tools with successful contemporary approaches.
We are enthusiastic about the use of common run-time environments, as well as common DBMS products, so we are combining MultiValue with CLR run machines, whether .NET or Mono.
We celebrate giving new life to solid, mature applications.


We value integrity and trusted partnerships.
We applaud partner and customer successes.


We strive to be an organization where employees are highly motivated and empowered to make a difference. We aim not only for sustainability but for flourishing as individuals and together as an organization.