BLACKSMITH is an application generator in use since 1980.

BLACKSMITH runs on several MultiValue environments, including MVON, UniVerse and UniData.

BLACKSMITH® allows for visual development and maintenance of applications. Organizations are using Blacksmith screen painter to develop entry screen programs by drag-and-drop of application objects into place.

BLACKSMITH applications are database-type independent. Each file/table can be located in a separate type of database, such as UniVerse, SQL Server or Oracle.

BLACKSMITH applications are user-interface-type independent. Each user and each program can be character or graphical.

BLACKSMITH applications are topology-type independent. Each application, user and file/table can be on a user’s workstation, on a data server or on an application server.



FUSION™ is a component of BLACKSMITH that provides graphical interface for modernizing green-screen applications. Each user can toggle between green-screen mode and graphical mode.